Welcome to the Survivors By Erin Hunter Fanon WikiaEdit

This is a wiki where you can make packs, ocs, fanfics and rps! Join and have fun!

Wiki RulesEdit

  • Please ask before making a pack or tribe or group. I don't want this wiki to be overrun.
  • If you are making a character for a pack please ask the owner if that is ok. If the pack says its open then you may make one without asking.
  • Everything must be PG rated. No themes or over-the-top-gore. Failure to follow results in banning.
  • Please do not flame, helpful and polite criticism is accepted.
  • No vandalizing pages by adding random stuff or changing the background
  • Do not Badge Farm, earn your badges by doing actual work instead of putting things wily nily.
  • NO threatening as in "I will kill you" kind of threats.
  • Listen to the Admins! If you have a problem with an admin bring it to my attention please!

Failure to obey these rules with start with warnings and can exceed to demotion or banning

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